Officers present were Mark Grennan, Bob Harrison, George Burton and JB Sims. We
had 13 members in attendance and 1 guest.
President Comments: Mark stated that we are still working with the city on a new
lease contract and hashing out details on some new requirements. However, the city
has agreed to extend the our current contract for 2023.
Vice President Comments: Bob had no topics to cover except to remind everyone
that with spring weather comes regular field maintenance. If you can help, please let
him know.
Secretary Comments: JB thanked everyone for filling in for him while he attended
funeral services for his brother-in-law. Gary took minutes for the February meeting and
several people helped with newsletter material and photos.
Treasurers Report: CASH………………………….$ 695.80
George also reminded everyone to get fuel orders in no later than April 15th!
President: Mark Grennan 405-343-9332 Treasurer: George Burton 405-202-3409
VP: Bob Harrison 405-812-7303 Safety Officer: Gary Crews 405-245-3424
Secretary: J.B. Sims 405-627-4208 Lead Instructor: Bob Harrison 405-812-7303
Our April 4th meeting will be at the Village United Methodist Church!!!
Doors open at 7:00 with the meeting starting promptly at 7:30.
The Monthly Newsletter of
The Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society
MARCH 2023
Training Officers Report: Bob said there was a club instructors meeting held at the
field to get ready for the upcoming training season. Club trainer planes have been
inspected and it looks like they’re ready for another great year of training and intro
Safety Officers Report: Gary was absent but Bob stressed the importance of the
TORKS and AMA safety rules. He also reported a loss of signal around the same area
we’ve been having problems with. Bob was afraid that he might not regain control so
he ditched the plane prior to it coming into the flight line area.
Old Business: Larry and Janet hosted a Control Line Combat Event meeting at their
home to kick off preparing for the 2023 event. Larry gave a rundown of plans and
stated that they are planning a Saturday/Sunday event at the request of combat flyers
due to the long distances that many have to travel for just a one day contest. He also
addressed expenses and said that he expects the contest to be paid for through
donations and nothing should be coming out of the club treasury. Larry concluded by
telling members how the club makes the contest work each year with volunteers from
the club and with the help of the Miniature Aircraft Combat Association that
participates in the event. Ken asked that the committee provide a list of everyone that
volunteers, makes donations or helps in any way to put on the event.
Mark, George and Gary met with city officials negotiating a new lease agreement
contract and it was decided to continue with the current agreement through 2023.
Several points were made during the talks and are as follows:
1-The city must show that they are not spending parks & recreation funds on the
TORKS lease for field upkeep, building maintenance or equipment & it’s maintenance
because of limitations on bond funds.
2-The city is currently looking into charging an annual permit fee (around $50.00 per
member. However, the club can turn in expense receipts for a partial reimbursement of
up to possibly 90% of the total permit fees. George did feel that it would probably be
easiest for add a line on the Annual Membership Application for the permit if it does
become a requirement.
3-The city is also interested in having FAA/FRIA designations (like TORKS) for Baxter
Field which is a city owned model airfield.
4-Training days, TORKS events and contests are all safe from many of the original
contract hurdles unless we have 250 or more in attendance.
5-There were also questions from members. First, would AMA guests or contest flyers
be required to have a permit? Secondly, are permits good for both the TORKS field and
Baxter field?
Mark is still working on more tests for loss of signal from his radio frequency inquiry. He
hope to have more information for members soon.


Fun fly and cookout

The Oklahoma Radio Kontrol Society (TORKS) was established in 1979.  We are an Academy of Model Aviation club  (AMA charter 1648).

FAA FRIA Global ID # – df40a260-9d2a-4881-bf54-be78dc3371fb

The field is located in northwest Oklahoma City,  on the South side of Lake Hefner, mid-way between Meridian and Portland Blvd, 1/4 mile east of the Fire Station, off South Lake Hefner Shore Drive.

Come by and see us fly. If you’re an AMA member, bring your AMA card and fly with us.  We’re a family-friendly club with club Cookouts/Picnic each summer.  Check the calendar for dates.

Our Flying field is 12.3 acres in total size. 9 acres of Grass with an asphalt runway 250 feet long by 32 feet wide.

We also have a control line station north of the parking lot.

Be sure to check out TORKS on Facebook and Flickr.