Learn to FLY!

TORKS flight instructors offer free, introductory flight lessons to non-members of any age. There is very little risk of aircraft damage when teamed with an instructor. The club provides free use of a training aircraft and control equipment, as well as free instruction. Prospective pilots can see if they like the hobby before they buy their own equipment.

After two or three intro flights, non-members will need to join the AMA and TORKS to continue flight training. Instructors can provide guidance on appropriate initial training aircraft to purchase.” Instructors will be at the field from 4:00 PM till sunset UNLESS;

1.    There are whitecaps out on Lake Hefner (too windy to learn)
2.     It’s over 105 degrees (too hot to learn)
3.     There is lightening within 5 miles of the flying field.

If you can’t make it to Thursday night training, then several of the instructors are retirees, and you can make arrangements for training during the day or on another evening.


Available only on evenings:

Tom Solinski – 405-840-9577
Mark Grennan – 405-343-9332   or   mark@grennan.com
Gary Crews – 405-245-3424  or crewsgw@cox.net

May be available during daytime:

Ken Kehlet – 405-721-2782