Who We Are

The TORKS was started in late 1960s.  We have been at our current location, also known as the Tom Jones R/C Flying Field, since 1979.

You can THANK People like DR. Charles Monnet, Larry Barnes, Robert Billington (Passed), Joe DiMonico (Passed), and Bruce Firetag who started the paperwork on getting the original Lease from the Oklahoma Water Trust, and our long relationship with Mr. Earl Hern.

Ken Kehlet made monthly and sometimes weekly visits to the OKC Water Trust to discuss what TORKS could and could Not do with our Lease, and continue to receive the blessings from Mr Wendel Weisenhut, the Director of Oklahoma’s
Department of Parks and Recreation.

As the last 40 years have slipped by, TORKS elected Officers and OKC officials have been able to keep the Land Developers off of our Beautiful TOM JONES Flying Field and TORKS Members have kept our Flying Field Beautiful.

Here are some pictures of our field from over the years.

1988 photos taken with Kodak Instamatic from Ken Kehlet’s Senior Telemaster
TORKS RC Field April 2000
TORKS RC Field 1994

For navigation, the address of the TORKS field is:

4000 S. Lake Hefner Dr. ( Not A Mail Address )

GPS:   35.546851, -97.589730


President  Mark Grennan  mark@grennan.com      405-343-9332 
Vice Pres  Mike Scanion  mscan584@cox.net      405-226-5336 
Treasurer  George Burton okctorks@yahoo.com    405-202-3409