Basic Rules

1. Don’t ever turn your radio on at the field if you don’t have the frequency pin in your possession.

2. Don’t monopolize the frequency. There may be someone else who wants to fly using the channel your on. Check around to see if anyone else is on your frequency.

3. Don’t fly solo until an instructor has “checked you out for flying on your own”. This is one of the most costly and time consuming mistakes you can make. Waiting for an instructor is much better than flying by yourself when you’re not ready and crashing your plane and then having to spend hours rebuilding it.

4. Don’t fly solo in windy conditions right after your checked out. The difference in flying a model on a nice day and on a windy day is like “night and day”. Also, a crosswind or gusty conditions will make it seem like “there is something wrong” with your model or your radio.

5. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to learn. Everybody learns at a different rate. Your goal should be to learn at the pace that is best for you and to enjoy the learning experience. Also, have “have fun” at each different stage of the learning process.

6. Don’t try to learn on an airplane other than a “trainer”. You need a training type airplane to learn the basics. Leave the “hot” sport plane for the 2nd or 3rd airplane. Remember! Speed Kills!!!!